Klavierabend Derzhavina

Tonight I was deeply moved and enthusiastically inspired by a piano recital at Piano Salon Christophori. Russian pianist Ekaterina Derzhavina was performing Haydn and Metner in a way that made me burst for joy and cry in ever-repeating change. What a passionate, graceful, and simultaneously modest playing. And I didn’t have to leave my hometown, not even my borough, to be lucky enough to make this outstanding experience. At times, very rarely in fact, one may feel blessed just by being present in a moment of divine musical inspiration. This has just been such a moment, and I am grateful to have encountered it.

Sonaten und Narrationen

Last week has seen another fascinating Medtner event in my university’s chamber hall, confronting the Russian composer’s 1st violin sonata, Op. 21, and Sonata-Ballade, Op. 27, with Beethoven’s Op. 27 No. 1 Sonata quasi una fantasia. Many thanks, Sasha Karpeyev and Viktoria Kaunzner, for your excellent playing!

Metner-Festival London

F sharp major is one of music’s most beautiful tonalities. I’ll be talking about Nikolai Metner’s Sonata-Ballade, Op. 27, written in exactly that key, tomorrow morning in a symposium at The British Library, London. This will be part of an exceptional program of talks, concerts, a master class and film screening from today through Saturday, all about Metner, and with the participation of the finest scholars and performers. Really looking forward to the Metner Study Day, one of the rare occasions of a research event fully dedicated to this composer’s music. Principal organizer of the Metnerfest is my dear colleague Sasha Karpeyev.

Symbolistische Klaviermusik

The first ever all-Metner concert in my university is over, comprising the G minor Sonata, Op. 22, Sonata-Reminiscenza and Sonata tragica from Opp. 38 and 39, Sonata romantica, Op. 53 No. 1, as well as some skazki and Goethe songs. It’s been such an amazing evening! Thank you so much, Magdalena Müllerperth, Georgy Tchaidze, Evgeny Nikiforov, Emma Moore, SooJin Anjou, and Severin von Eckardstein for your beautiful performances. I’ll preserve the dearest memories of your playing.