The current administration of Deutscher Tonk√ľnstlerverband Berlin has not yet budged from its unsubstantiated and formally invalid attempt to expel me from the association. After the board has refused the proposals of several members to introduce a professional mediation and also declined two out-of-court settlements, I have now filed a lawsuit against my expulsion, and thus the board members will have to face a charge in court.

Meanwhile, the activities of the professional body are almost completely disrupted. Neither is there a political position towards the present situation, nor has a statement been made on the current measurements of infection prevention. Support of the DTKV freelance members is limited to some very rudimentary references to state aids; legal advice, although included in the membership fee, is unavailable; and the board doesn’t show any significant initatives on behalf of the members. Moreover, no general assembly has been held during this whole year, although the elections to the board were not completed in 2019, and no cash auditors and delegates have been appointed. Apparently the legal dispute (which could have been avoided altogether) is not only a financial burden to the association, but also an obstacle to the internal and external professional work, however sorely needed a professional representation is in these times. All of this appears as evidence of incapacity and failure of the board members, Detlef Bensmann, Anka Sommer, and Isabelle Herold.