An anonymous conductor has published his / her reckoning with the classical music business in a fascinating longread. I never came across a piece like that from an insider, such a candid, ruthless, and courageous disclosure of misdevelopments during the last decades. It is not actually a lament but, as the subtitle more aptly claims, an analysis of the decline of a whole industry which, in my opinion, everybody concerned with the future of professional music practice and education should care about. I don’t agree with every aspect—in particular, ›greatness‹ does not qualify as an appropriate touchstone, just as little as the questionable concept of a ›masterpiece‹—, but in its essence, this critique is of overwhelming relevance and plausibility. The author has persuasively stated why he / she cannot disclose his / her identity (please also read the interview), but I for my part fully acknowledge the article’s position and will readily advocate its conclusions. The business is rotten to the core, and some things will have to change significantly.