A professional body of musicians should put all its efforts into the welfare of its members, and the more so as many colleagues are severely affected by the current pandemic situation. Yet the executives of DTKV Berlin prefer to pursue their personal in-fightings against disliked persons within the organisation. The attacks and accusations I have been subjected to during the past weeks have now reached a level that leaves me with no option but going public. There has been a libelling smear campaign initiated by Gabriel Iranyi, Anka Sommer, and Christiane Edinger, who tried to do damage to my professional career by denouncing me to my university administration. After that, Detlef Bensmann has announced to expel me from DTKV Berlin just yesterday, insinuating that my behaviour has been harmful to the association. I take this as an opportunity to summarise and rebut the allegations that were brought up against me. Here is my statement (in German only).