The Berlin public transportation company BVG has announced to rename U-Bhf Mohrenstraße, a subway station located in the historical city centre, to Glinkastraße. While it is justified to question the present name as it refers to people of colour with a term that is no longer considered politically correct, some commenters now claimed that the new namesake, Russian composer Mikhail Glinka who died in Berlin in 1857, is just an equally inappropriate choice since he was a Tsarist nationalist and reportedly made anti-Semitic statements in his letters. Still, the discussion was sparked only by the name of the subway station, not of the street it is (or will be) named after, and Glinkastraße itself is just as indisputed as Richard-Wagner-Platz. In my opinion, it is sort of anachronistic to have things named after persons at all. Human beings are notoriously immoral and vicious, and if you only try hard enough, you will find something compromising about virtually anybody. Let’s just go for some alternative and innoxious designations. In this particular case: what about Mitte West station?