Sculpture of Sound

The recording of one of my most virtuosic compositions, ›Three‹ from the 2009 piano cycle Skulpturen, is now available for listening. Before I performed the piece in Bremen two weeks ago, I captured the preceding rehearsal somewhat in a hurry—and this material served as a basis for some weirdly detailed audio editing. So be aware that this is not a live recording, even though it may sound as if it were. Measured by these far-from-ideal conditions, I am fairly satisfied with the result and venture to share it with you today. If you are a pianist and feel inclined to tackle this piece so as to produce a more convincing performance or recording, please find the sheet music here.

Composer Slam on the Weser

Thrilled to participate in a Composer Slam once more! Saturday, March 9, will see me performing two of my solo piano compositions in the chamber hall of Die Glocke Bremen, presented by the incomparable Simon Kluth. Get ready for an exciting and multifaceted line-up, also featuring appearances by Lenka Zupkova, Hauke Scholten, Tonio Geugelin, and Ehsan Ebrahimi. Looking forward to traveling to beautiful Bremen again!

Premiere in Slovenia

As a composer, I occasionally show a certain predilection for idiosyncratic combinations of instruments. This applies, for example, to my four-part duo cycle At the Forest Verge for guitar and marimba, which will be premiered on Wednesday, March 6, 7:30 pm, in a faculty concert at Ljubljana Academy of Music. Many thanks to percussionist Petra Vidmar and guitarist Izidor Erazem Grafenauer for staging my music in Slovenia for the first time!

Music and (A)social Media

The latest issue of Neue Zeitschrift für Musik (#1 / 2019) features an article and interview by Anna Schürmer on the relationship of social media and contemporary music, with noteworthy statements by Moritz Eggert, Johannes Kreidler, Irene Kurka, and Martin Tchiba, and also including a few thoughts on digital communication and publication from my humble perspective. Thanks for providing the platform!